2 Story 1 Car Garages

Yes! The Barn Raiser has a modular, hinged-roof, pre-fab 2 story; in a storage building or a garage style. You get 2 floors of space! We designed this innovative raised roof system along with our Amish builder in 2006. Since then, we’ve been busy improving them, making them roomier, adding more options like full length dormers, awnings, attached carports, and more. We can customize the upper level floor system to be a half loft or even delete it all together so you can get the height you need for your car lift or any other need. The beauty of this type of building is the fast turn around and the fast install. No lengthy on-site construction or procrastinating contractors to deal with! You just need to obtain the proper permits and have the site accessible and prepared. We will do the rest!


FLOORLESS: Amish-built garages include a heavy duty reinforced floor to support the weight of a vehicle. However, as building codes have changed...most garages are sold with no floor and built with a 6x6 pressure-treated base, ready to be set on your prepared concrete slab. The slab must be the EXACT footprint of the building. Anchoring it to the slab is included in most cases. Read more on our site prep page with pictures and details. Anytime a building has modular components, it is VERY IMPORTANT to have a LEVEL foundation. You want all the 'parts' to go together nicely and evenly.

2 Story Single Wide Garages