Our company name, The Barn Raiser, is based on a very old tradition in the Amish culture called a barn-raising.

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Our company name, The Barn Raiser, is based on a very old tradition in the Amish culture called a barn-raising. This is when all the members of an Amish community gather together toward one common goal; to provide their fellow man with a much needed service. For the Amish; whether it is building a barn or plowing a field, the goal is teamwork. At The Barn Raiser, we also work together as a team to provide quality and excellence.

The founder and president, Dave Ortlieb, has worked in the Amish shed industry for over 20 years. He is involved in every aspect of it from sales to delivery. When he decided to open his own business; Dave tirelessly researched dozens of Amish builders throughout Pennsylvania. And NO, all the builders aren’t the same and NO, we don’t use the same builders as our competitors. After narrowing down the search to the best candidates, we personally met with each builder and examined their craftsmanship before forming a business relationship with them. The result is the high quality Amish-built structures we’re known for. We have also forged some special friendships with the Amish families we work with. This personal bond allows us and our builders the freedom of constructive criticism so we can best work toward improving the products we offer based on our customers comments, ideas, and expectations. We can assure our customers that they are getting the best building available in the Amish shed market.

Dave with Shark Tank's Daymond John at The Barn Raiser
Dave with Shark Tank's Daymond John at The Barn Raiser

When The Barn Raiser opened in January 2004, its primary goal was to offer high-quality Amish-built structures at fair prices along with excellent customer relations. We started out on a 1/4 acre lot in Saugerties, NY with only 6 sheds in-stock and a small office. We sold 1 shed that month. Fortunately, our sales began to grow slowly but steadily as we established a name for ourselves mainly through ‘word of mouth’ advertising. The best kind! Our customers immediately recognized the difference in quality and in our customer service. Luckily, our happy customers told their friends about us which resulted in a phenomenal first year. We were able to move to a larger location in Saugerties which opened in January 2005. As of August, 2015, we got an amazing opportunity and decided to make a BIG change and move the whole business from Saugerties, NY to Highland, NY. This location allows us to stock more inventory, and serve our customers better. We are in a more central location easily reached from many busy highways, the thruway, and the Mid-Hudson bridge.

Our business is family-run. Dave, spouse Michelle and their son, Trevor are involved in the day to day operations and you will meet at least one of them when you stop by for information. When the business started; Trevor was just 8 years old. He is now the 'delivery guy' and also a knowledgeable, low pressure, polite salesman always happy to help you out.

As our business has grown; we have continued to introduce new building styles, new options, and new sidings. This is a very exciting time and we are confident we will continue to be innovative and work diligently and personally with all of our customers. Again; an owner of The Barn Raiser is always around the office to take your calls, show you around the lot, and answer your questions.




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