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Rent to own financing* provides affordable alternatives for your storage needs. Unlike off-site self-storage, Rent to own financing provides a path to ownership. We offer flexible payment options so you can match a rental plan to fit your storage building needs. You can choose from 24, 36, 48, and 60-month payment options. Why rent self-storage when you can rent… then own?

Frequently Asked Questions

RTO LIMITATIONS*: The Barn Raiser offers rent to own financing within 30 miles of NY zip code 12528 on new in-stock, basic 1-level fully-built storage buildings up to 12′ wide x 14′ long WITH a floor. The RTO program does NOT apply to buildings with options, modular buildings, floorless buildings, animal shelters, or any building over 12′ in width at the roof. Also, the building, once delivered, can NOT be blocked by anything such as another building, a fence enclosure, landscaping, etc. The building must remain accessible until you own it. Other limitations may apply.

*APPLY IN PERSON ONLY* It is best to come in and get a written estimate and choose your color scheme for the shed (if ordering) from The Barn Raiser for the exact building you want. That way, you will have the financials figured out since we will need to enter the figures and color choices on the contract as we get you your building. Also, this will tell us the building size and type.

Full disclosure on RTO from The Barn Raiser: This can be a GREAT program to buy a shed with very little upfront money. A lot of people use it. BUT, nothing in life is free or without it’s downside. Please review your overall costs carefully, and understand that RTO makes their money by collecting interest from you. The longer you stretch the payments out, the more the shed costs you down the line. RTO does a great job at transparency though, you will see charts of payments and such and there is no early pay off penalty. <<