Multi-Car Garages

Our pre-fabricated, modular multi-car garages are fairly priced and generally a good cost savings over an on-site build. These buildings arrive in two pre-built sections. Some situations may require a direct delivery (straight from our builder to you) while others will be received on our Highland lot first and then delivered to you, 1 section at a time. Our crew assembles the structure on your prepared site. This process can take as little as a few hours or up to a full day depending on the size, siding choice and whether it is ordered with or without a floor. Either way, when you compare our standards & specifications with any of our competitors, you will notice a big difference in the overall quality and our finished product is always top notch. As the saying goes; ‘it’s all in the details’! Keep in mind that these buildings are pre-fab and transported over the highway so we have restrictions on overall heights and widths in all of our pre-fab buildings. Don't worry! We have several options to fit your needs.


FLOORLESS garages: Amish-built garages include a heavy duty reinforced floor to support the weight of a vehicle. However, as building codes have changed...most garages are sold with no floor and built with a 6x6 pressure-treated base, ready to be set on your prepared concrete slab. The slab must be the EXACT footprint of the building. Anchoring it to the slab is included in most cases. Read more on site prep at bottom of page and check out our full site prep page for pictures and details.


Single Level Double Wide & Multi Car Garages


Customer is responsible for site prep, site access and permits. A proper pad to protect your investment is important. We highly recommend having a professionally prepared foundation pad, whether it be gravel or concrete. All of our structures are designed to last for many years if they are on a firm and LEVEL surface. All of the pressure-treated 4x4s installed under the subfloor should be resting on a firm, level surface. With the added weight of heavy lawn and work equipment or vehicles, shimming or blocking up low spots can make the floor of the structure feel bouncy, and could possibly cause warping over time. If your garage is floorless, then a well made concrete slab is required. A bad pad can void your warranty!

*Specifications may vary. All measurements are outside and approximate. Measurements are from overhang to overhang and the footprint measurements may be less than your overall dimensions. Prices are subject to change. Any structure over 12' wide at the roof will require an oversized load certified escort an additional permits. This is an additional charge.