Terms & Conditions


To make a purchase, you can either come in to our office or we can do everything via phone, fax, e-mail. We will work with you to choose colors, window and door placement, add options and so on. We go over site preparation and delivery requirements with you and try to answer all of your questions. We have several documents that need to be filled out, reviewed and signed by you before we can place the order. We also require a deposit by cash, check, credit card before the order can be placed. If we do everything over the phone, we will fax or email you all of this. You will then read, sign, and return in the same manner. Obviously, we will need your complete delivery address, contact and billing information as well as the details of the item you wish to purchase. We also create a simple sketch showing the layout of your custom structure, which includes placement of your doors, windows and any other options you order. We will need you to carefully review and sign all of the paperwork to finalize the order. We do not submit orders to our builders until the customer reviews and signs off on that order and submits the required payment. The Barn Raiser, LLC will not charge your credit card or place your order until you have approved the invoice and all documents. Once we process your payment, we will immediately send you a receipt for your records. Payment terms may differ for different types of buildings.



100% payment is required upon order placement for outdoor lawn furniture, lawn décor, indoor furniture and other miscellaneous smaller items.

For long distance, out-of-state deliveries and customized buildings a required 100% is due upon placement of order unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon. Singular orders over $10,000.00 are based on a 50/50 payment system and require 50% deposit via CC, cash or check upon order. The final 50% is to be paid by a certified bank check upon delivery and before unloading of structure unless other arrangements are made. For our 2-story modulars; we prefer a bank check for the balance due on any size structure please.

For local deliveries (within a 30 mile radius of our lot in Highland, NY), the following deposits are required:

  • Basic Single-wide structures: 30% deposit due upon order
  • ALL Custom structures: 50% deposit due upon order
  • ALL 2-Story structures: 50% deposit due upon order
  • ALL Double-wide buildings and garages: 50% deposit due upon placement of order
  • ALL 2-Story double-wide buildings and garages: 50% deposit due upon order, balance to be paid by certified bank check only

The final balance is due at the time of delivery. Each building is custom ordered for you; therefore all deposits are nonrefundable after 3 days from order placement. RUSH order deposits are nonrefundable upon order placement and we can’t guarantee a certain delivery date or time. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex credit cards or personal checks and cash* (local deliveries only. For long distance or out-of-state deliveries a certified bank check is acceptable). Orders accepted for delivery in the continental United States only. We accept credit card payment via phone, and we provide a cash or check discount for all purchases, otherwise a 3.5% Credit Card fee is applied to any credit or debit payments. Please do not e-mail your credit card information. Your purchase will appear as “The Barn Raiser, LLC” on your credit card statement. Please read our Privacy Statement. (*If your personal check is returned for insufficient funds, we reserve the right to charge a processing fee of $35.00)



Delivery Fees
Local Deliveries: MOST buildings receive free delivery within 30 miles of our location in Highland, New York. Although we will still deliver most buildings free near our OLD location in Saugerties, NY. If outside of 30 miles, it is $6.00 per mile (after the first 30 miles). If outside of 50 miles, a delivery quote must be obtained. To deliver outdoor lawn furniture, lawn décor, indoor furniture and other miscellaneous smaller items, kindly call or ask for a quote based on your delivery address please. Long Distance or Out-of-State Deliveries: All of our Amish builders are located in Pennsylvania. Our long distance or out-of-state deliveries will be delivered directly from the builder to you by our very trusted trucking team. The delivery fee is based upon the distance, and if any assembly is required, there may be additional fees for that, as well. There are some toll roads, turnpikes, parkways and thruways that our drivers are unable to travel on, and as such, alternate routes will be calculated and may increase the distance to your location. These type of deliveries are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact us for more information. Shipping fees for outdoor lawn furniture, lawn décor, indoor furniture and other miscellaneous smaller items will be quoted. Depending on delivery location and size of item, it may be shipped via USPS, UPS, FedEx or freight carrier. Furniture is generally shipped in ‘kit’ form; and sometimes have some assembly required.

Delivery fee estimates for any building can be provided. We will need the exact building size and location. Please note that structures measuring 12’1″-to 14′-wide in overall width will require a certified escort, which incurs additional fees. This includes 12′-wide quakers & Premier sheds, horse stall barns & run-in sheds as they have a 1′ to 2′ overhang.

Common Carrier/Freight Shipping: Gazebo kits, Chicken Coop Kits, Rabbit Hutches and many furniture pieces will need to be shipped via freight due to the oversized dimensions and weight. The driver is not responsible for unloading your purchase. He may or may not help but it’s best not to expect it. If it’s a gazebo kit, these are palletized and wrapped for easy transfer with a forklift. You may want to rent a small forklift and unload the gazebo kit that way. Otherwise, you should be prepared to unload your items piece by piece. We highly recommend you have a few friends available to help you out.

Long distance or out-of-state delivery fee estimates are good for 14 days. We can not guarantee any delivery fee estimate after 14 days and may have to provide a new quote.


Set-Up Fees
Quoted delivery fees generally include: 30 minute unload & set-up time for single-wide structures; 4-5 hours for double-wide sheds and 2-car garages. We allow a full day for 2-story structures.

The customer will be billed at $50 per each 30 minutes for additional time taken to:

  • straighten, level, adjust or block up the structure or attempt to fix an unlevel or soft pad on the intended site.
  • place the structure in an alternate location as a result of poor access.
  • reload the structure so that it can be moved to another location.

The customer will be billed at $100.00 per hour for any additional time taken to:

  • wait for site access.

If access to your site turns out to be an unanticipated dilemma or setting the structure unexpectedly requires additional large moving equipment such as a forklift or crane (please note that this does not mean to imply that all of our structures can be moved with such equipment or that we provide any of it), we will set the structure in a different spot at the drop site as we do not provide these services. If the structure cannot be placed anywhere else at the drop site, and must be returned, the customer will be charged for the return shipping cost. If the driver delivering the structure needs to place it at a location other than the intended drop site, the customer will be charged the $100 per hour, PLUS $6.00-$10.00 per mile and any tolls, permits and/or additional fees incurred for the trip. The customer will then be completely responsible for placement of the structure and releases The Barn Raiser, LLC from any and all liability and damages to the structure or to the owners property that may result from moving the structure by such or similar equipment.

To avoid these extra fees please make sure that the site is accessible and prepared properly and that you are ready to take possession of the structure at the agreed upon time of delivery.


Hauling Permit Fees
Our drivers require Special Hauling Permits for every state they travel through and some states require more than one permit depending on the road traveled. Fees for these permits will be included in your delivery quote, as well as tolls and any fuel surcharges. NOTE: Additional fees apply to any metropolitan area such as NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Washington DC, etc. and are DIRECT DELIVERY ONLY.


Deliveries to New York City
Additional rates apply for deliveries to any of the 5 boroughs of New York City and sometimes we simply cannot get in to these areas per bridge or local authority, or road route restrictions. Long Island is especially tough with permits, required route surveys, etc. so the delivery is more costly due to that. Wide loads are required to sit at the bridge for hours and are only allowed to pass through in the middle of the night when traffic is light. This usually means any delivery will be VERY early the next morning.


Certified Escort Fees
A certified escort vehicle is required for any structure measuring 12’1″-to 14′-wide in overall width. This includes 12′-wide quakers, 12′ Premier sheds, horse stall barns & run-in sheds as they have a 1′ to 2′ overhang. Escort vehicle fees will be included in your delivery quote. Super loads up to 15′ 11″, require two escorts, map routing and additional premits.

Long distance or out-of-state delivery fee estimates are good for 14 days. We can not guarantee any delivery fee estimate after 14 days and will have to provide a new quote.


Sales Tax
Sales tax will be applied for all New York state orders, as we operate our business out of that state. Sales tax does not apply for orders placed outside of New York state via the phone or internet. Sales tax exemptions such as Farm, Municipalities, etc, will require the appropriate paperwork be filled out for our files. Contact your CPA for Capital Improvements, the ST124 and NYS Material Use costs.


Building Storage Fees
We ask that you to take possession of your structure in a timely manner. Should you not be able to take delivery of your structure within 10 days of our contacting you to set up delivery, you will be responsible for paying your balance. We don’t mind hanging on to your building but if you do not take delivery of your building within 1 month (30 days) of our contacting you to set up delivery, we reserve the right to charge you an additional $50 per day for building storage.


Past Due Fees

Any past due amounts payable to The Barn Raiser, LLC will accrue interest at a rate of 3.5% per month or the maximum rate permitted by law. If The Barn Raiser, LLC collects any payment past due by using an attorney-at-law or under the advice of an attorney-at-law or via a collection agency, the customer will pay without limitation any and all costs involved with collection. If any check is returned due to insufficient funds, The Barn Raiser, LLC will charge a processing fee of $35.



Site Access
Most sheds, garages, horse barns & run-ins, playhouses and gazebos will be delivered to your location via a full size pick-up truck and 22′-26′ flatbed trailer (approximately 45ft or more in overall length). Large structures, and most 2-Story double-wides will require access by tractor trailer. Structures will be set up at your location. Site preparation and any needed permits are the responsibility of the property owner. Site must be accessible at the time of delivery. If site is not accessible at time of delivery, the customer will be charged for the return trip to the builder as well as another set of delivery charges to return the building back to the customer.

To insure that your structure can be delivered to the location you intended for it, please consider all ground-level and aerial obstacles when choosing that location. The clearance to the site should be several feet wider than the structure unless it is a straight line in across level ground. Please be conscious of low hanging branches, wires, or any other aerial obstructions that the building could hit or snag. The total height of building and trailer will not exceed 13′ 6″. Please also be aware of fences, posts, large rocks, mailboxes, or anything that can block the path of the delivery truck and trailer or impede the placement of your structure. Any obstacle is your responsibility to move or remove. We can help you decide if your location is accessible by doing a site check (for local deliveries only), or by getting a complete description of the area you want your structure placed including digital photos showing us the point of access, and the path to your proposed site. If site cannot be accessed at time of delivery due to obstacles such as those described above, our driver may unload the barn as close the intended site as these circumstances allow. The structure unloads from the end of the trailer, and the driver must be able to drive out from under the structure. Pulling out from under the structure where the truck and trailer are at extreme angles (“jack-knife”), could result in unsafe conditions and/or damage to your structure. Our guys are good drivers and they can deliver in tight spots but they are not miracle workers!


Site Preparation
The site that you choose should be reasonably level and in a well-drained area. If the area needs leveling, we recommend putting down a stone pad using Item #4 (stone aggregate – combination of stone and stone dust). For larger structures (anything over 12’x16′), especially garages, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU HIRE A PROFESSIONAL TO DO THE JOB FOR YOU WHO IS EXPERIENCED IN BUILDING PADS FOR THIS PURPOSE. This will help to protect your investment by insuring a properly built foundation for your structure.

If you choose not to hire a professional and decide to make the pad yourself, the usual depth is about 4″ with more in low spots. Make the pad about a foot wider than the dimensions of the structure. You can also build a box to house the Item #4 out of pressure-treated 4x4s or 6x6s. Tamp the Item-4 down until very firm, compacted and level. This is very important. A firm, level pad will insure less settling over time and provide the even support the heavy building requires. The larger the building, the more essential this becomes, as the larger buildings must rest evenly on a firm, level surface. Again, we highly recommend hiring a professional to do the job for you who is experienced in building pads for this purpose. Additional set-up fees will apply if the pad is soft and/or not level and it takes The Barn Raiser, LLC delivery personnel additional time attempting to fix the unlevel and/or soft pad so that it will adequately support the structure (see Fees & Payment:Set-Up Fees).

A poorly prepared foundation may void any implied warranty.

If necessary, the corners of smaller buildings can be shimmed using a couple pieces of 2″ patio block to make the structure level.


The Barn Raiser, LLC is not responsible for the following:

Site Preparation (see Site Preparation)
Any needed building permits. State hauling permits for the delivery vehicles are the responsibility of The Barn Raiser, LLC.
Blocking and leveling of structure if the site is not properly prepared. The driver may assist with minor blocking and leveling of the structure if the site is prepared properly (see Site Access & Preparation:Site Preparation).
Blocking materials. For local deliveries, we provide 2″ patio block for shim/leveling purposes (not for creating an entire foundation). For long distance or out-of-state deliveries, the customer should have on hand several 2″ patio blocks for the delivery personnel to use should they need to shim a corner to make the structure level.
Site Access/Lawn Damage: Low hanging wires, clotheslines, trees, tree branches, fences, posts, large rocks, mailboxes, or anything that can block the path of the delivery truck and trailer or impede the placement of your structure, are your responsibility to move or remove. We cannot be held responsible for any property damage resulting from soft ground or damage to trees, bushes, landscaping, wells, septic systems, etc. Be sure to tell our driver where any underground issues are. We will be as careful as possible during the delivery but minor damage can occur such as divots, tire tracks, broken branches, etc. If you feel that your ground is too soft for a heavy truck and trailer to go over due to heavy rains or Spring thaw, please contact us so that we can postpone your delivery until the ground hardens. As for wells and septic systems, we will not travel over these items with our heavy truck and trailer, so please be sure that the path to your site is clear. Please remember; we are coming onto your property at YOUR request.



Outdoor Lawn Furniture, Lawn Décor, Indoor Furniture and Other Miscellaneous Smaller Items
To exchange or return any outdoor lawn furniture, lawn décor, indoor furniture and other miscellaneous smaller item purchases please:

Upon delivery, please inspect all packages carefully for damage. You must tell the delivery company immediately if it’s a freight delivery so it can be documented for insurance purposes. If you fail to check over your items immediately, any damage claim may be void.

Contact us at (845) 834-3455 or via e-mail: Info@BarnRaiserSheds.com within 3 days of receipt of the item. Items cannot be exchanged or returned if The Barn Raiser, LLC is notified after 3 days of receipt.

Purchased merchandise must be returned in its original packaging and in unused/new condition.

Return your purchase with a copy of your bill for identification via UPS. or U.S. Mail to The Barn Raiser, 3850 Route 9W, Highland, NY 12528. Please insure your package for your protection. You may exchange your item for another or receive a refund for your purchase, minus a 15% restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refundable. If you exchange your item for another, additional shipping charges will apply to new item. We MUST receive your returned items within 7 to 10 business days of being notified and they must be in new and unworn condition. Items that have been damaged, stained, finished or altered in any way will not be accepted and no refund will be given.


Sheds, Garages, Horse Barns & Run-Ins, Playhouses and Gazebos
Sheds, garages, horse barns & run-ins, playhouses and gazebos cannot be exchanged or returned unless it arrives to the delivery site severely damaged (see Exchanges and Returns:Items Damaged in Shipment). Minor damage that can be repaired on-site will be repaired by the delivery personnel or arrangements will be made for someone else to come to your site and repair the damage in a timely manner. The structure cannot be returned for any reason other than severe damage. It isn’t common, but there are times that some shingles may come off in transport, or the paint gets scratched or a piece of trim falls off or a window screen gets damaged during delivery. If a small problem like this occurs, don’t worry, we’ll fix it for you:>). If that is not possible (maybe the part needed isn’t readily available) we will ship the repair part to you as soon as possible. In some cases, like long distance deliveries, we may ship the parts to you for you to fix yourself or if you need to hire someone with carpentry knowledge to fix for you; we would agree on a fair compensation rate for that if the damage was done prior to or upon delivery. The buildings are being transported over hundreds of miles and sometimes things happen…so please, bear with us and we will rectify the situation as soon as we can. If damage occurs in the process of delivery due to you not following our site prep guidelines (such as not trimming back stiff branches …which then scratch the paint)…we will work with you to repair the item, as a courtesy, but we may not pay for additional labor or parts.

NO returns or exchanges on a custom ordered building that has gone into production. NO returns or refunds for reasonable and unavoidable delivery delays.


Items Damaged in Shipment
Be sure to inspect your shipment upon arrival. If the item or structure has been damaged during shipment, you must contact The Barn Raiser, LLC while the delivery personnel are still at your location. Failure to do so will result in you being responsible for additional fees associated with arranging for the return of the damaged items or the damage will be your responsibility to repair.



Outdoor Lawn Furniture, Lawn Décor, Indoor Furniture and Other Miscellaneous Smaller Items
Cancellation of outdoor lawn furniture, lawn décor, indoor furniture and other miscellaneous smaller items must be done at least 48 hours in advance of the delivery date. If insufficient notice is given and the truck cannot be stopped, your shipment will be delivered as scheduled. If you cannot take delivery, you will be responsible for all fees associated with the return delivery of the item(s). See Exchanges or Returns:Outdoor Lawn Furniture, Lawn Décor, Indoor Furniture and Other Miscellaneous Smaller Items


Sheds, Garages, Horse Barns & Run-Ins, Playhouses and Gazebos
Cancellation of an already scheduled delivery of sheds, garages, horse barns & run-ins, playhouses and gazebos must be done 72 hours in advance of the delivery date for long distance or out-of-state deliveries and 24 hours in advance of local deliveries. If we arrive and you can not take delivery of the structure, you will be responsible for return delivery fees. For long distance or out-of-state deliveries, if you do cancel and the rescheduled delivery date is not within 48 hours of the original delivery date, then you will be responsible for permits purchased for that original delivery as well as any new permits purchased for the new delivery date and any other fees associated with it. We do NOT guarantee exact delivery times but we will try and give you a reasonable time-frame. If we must re-schedule due to inclement weather; we will contact you asap and we ask that you do the same. It takes coordination by both parties to successfully deliver a building so let’s work together and get it done.

The Barn Raiser, LLC reserves the right to reschedule any delivery due to inclement weather, unforseen equipment failure, route restrictions, etc.


Cancellation Fee Schedule for Sheds, Garages, Horse Barns & Run-Ins, Playhouses and Gazebos

Custom building orders cannot be cancelled once they go into production. We give you 3 days from time of order to change your mind without any penalty.

Remember; this building is being custom-built just for YOU with YOUR color choices and YOUR layout choices.

Cancellation up to 3 days from date of order = 100% of deposit payment refunded

After 3 days: NO REFUNDS unless building has NOT gone into production and materials were NOT ordered by the builder. If building has NOT gone into production, but materials have been ordered (such as shingles, doors, etc), there will be a materials ‘restocking’ fee of 15% of the deposit amount held back from any refunds.

An order absolutely cannot be cancelled once it is IN production and/or it ships from the builder; you will be responsible for paying the entire balance on that building, as per your contract.



Although the images found on this web site were taken with a high quality digital camera; individual computer monitor settings will vary and will almost always display the colors slightly lighter or darker. Please refer to the actual product for an exact color. The brochure colors can also vary widely compared to the actual swatch.

As far as trying to match your home; if an exact or close color match is desired, please submit a color sample and we will identify the closest match using our standard colors. You can view actual samples at our office or at your local home improvement warehouse, hardware or lumber store. We may be able to match your vinyl exactly if you provide the brand, item, model & style # and color. Providing a siding, shingle, or paint sample will also help us get it right. You will need to provide style and size of structure to obtain an accurate quote on a vinyl siding match. Also, our builders can usually get any brand of vinyl or shingles if our standard brands don’t work for you but there will be an extra charge for them to obtain anything they don’t stock.



BUILDINGS: Pre-Fab buildings can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to be completed depending on the time of year. The average time is 4 weeks on sheds and 6-8 weeks on 2-story buildings depending on the time of year. Occasionally, our builder may become extremely busy, get backed up, and the time frame will be pushed out longer. There isn’t a whole lot we can do about this when it happens. But, we will do our best to prepare you for longer wait times and keep you posted on the progress of the build. FURNITURE: Outdoor furniture usually takes 8 weeks for delivery. It depends on how the furniture is shipped. For local customers; the furniture can be shipped up to our Highland, NY lot, inside of a shed load, and you can pick it up. For long distance or out-of-state customers, we ship in ‘knock down’ form directly from the builder. Order turnaround times are not guaranteed and are dependent on several factors which include inventory availability and trucking schedules.



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