New England Style Painted Wood Sheds

Our New England Classic and New England Barn LP SmartSide shed line offers the discriminating buyer an alternative to our standard LP SmartSide buildings. This package includes several upgrades to dress the exterior of the building up giving you a high end look. These include custom gable end vents, steeper roof pitch, extended overhangs, handcrafted wood shutters, wider fascia and corner trim, transom window double doors & black hardware. Beyond that; there are even more options available like cupolas, skylights, flower boxes, shelving, etc.


Note: The New England line includes an extended overhang on all sides making the entire building ‘wider’. So, per DOT regulations; any shed that is over 12′ wide from roof eave to roof eave will become an over-sized load and will require additional permits and escort fees. To avoid this fee on 12′ wide buildings, we can reduce the footprint slightly and cut the roof line close on both eave sides but still extend the gable ends to save you those fees. Your choice!


New England Style LP SmartSide  Sheds