The Ordering Process

Some folks know exactly what they want right away and others really don't know where to start. We understand that and we're here to help guide you the best we can in either circumstance.

The first step is to decide what your needs are. What are you trying to accomplish? We have so many choices in size. Will you be storing a lot or just a few things?  Once you get an idea of the size you need, then you can move on to the shape/style. A simple A-frame? A Dutch barn? Maybe a Quaker? Once you decide that, then think about the exterior look and the siding choice. We have standard sheds, economy sheds, and our 'dressed up' New England sheds. Plus garages, greenhouses, gazebos, pavilions, and so much more. We also have a lot filled with stock models of all styles/sizes. These sheds are for sale and available for delivery immediately. Stop by and browse through them, you might find your perfect shed!

Please browse our web site, check out each page, read about each type of building, view the price lists and the specifications. We have an FAQ and site prep page too. Everything you might want to know can be found here and if you can't get an answer here, please give us a call or send us an email. Once you narrow things down, we can provide you with the details on pricing your structure with your desired options and work up a written estimate for you. But first; to get a good idea of pricing click here for our Price List.

When you are ready to place your order, you can either come into our office or we can do everything via phone/email/fax. We work up the sales order documents along with the site prep form and send them to you for your review and signature. The sales order will have all the necessary information (size, style, colors, options, layout, etc.) which we then send directly to the builder.

We require a 30% deposit on standard structures and 50% on all modular and custom structures. The balance is due upon delivery. Payment can be check, cash or credit card and, of course, we have financing options including a 'Rent-To-Own' program. Deposits/payment terms may differ for out-of-state deliveries and other special circumstance orders.

If required we can supply generic prototype drawings for just about everything we offer. We also work with a NYS licensed architect for any custom drawing needs and stamped drawings with his seal at reasonable costs to you.

Once your order is finalized, the deposit is processed and the order is submitted to our Amish builder; the typical lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks on most structures and 6-8 weeks on custom, 2 story and modular buildings including large horse barns. The lead times depend on the time of year and on how busy our builders are. They can change from one week to the next. We do NOT guarantee rush orders. All we can do is 'request' a faster turn-around. Please be patient.