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Our Greenhouses / Potting Sheds are super cute and super functional all year round…and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another like it!

Vinyl 8x8 Deluxe Greenhouse

Vinyl Deluxe Greenhouse

Greenhouses/Potting sheds are not just a summer ‘thing’! In late winter/early spring; get a head start and plant your seedlings, cuttings and forcing your bulbs under the warm sunshine beaming down through the clear roof panels and wall to wall windows. In the dead of summer, your Greenhouse becomes an attractive garden house, floral nursery and tool shed. Come Fall, hang and dry the last of your fresh garden herbs, store winter squash, transplant house plants, and start your fresh garlic. During the Winter; it gives you extra storage space to stow away your grill, lawn furniture, and summer sports equipment. Also, our greenhouses are a quality-built, solid wood-framed structure, not an aluminum frame with clear plastic over it that will only last a few seasons. If you want a greenhouse, this is the greenhouse to purchase! Customize it with a cupola, electric package, and different color combinations. Small or's a 'dream' for any avid gardener.