Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could actually fit your car in your garage or to walk through your basement without embarking on a trek through a wilderness of boxes and old furniture? If so, then you obviously need some extra storage space. If you’re thinking of renting a storage unit, you’ll be paying good money for something that you’ll never own. Purchase a quality Amish-built storage shed from The Barn Raiser. It will last for many years and be conveniently located on your own property.

Our Amish-built sheds range in sizes from 6’x6′ to 28’*x48′. We have a variety of building styles to suit individual tastes, in a choice of LP SmartSide, vinyl, cedar, log, & pine sidings. Our sheds are built-to-order—you pick out your wall, trim, shutter and shingle color combinations, choose where you want your doors and windows, and with our many different options, you can upgrade or add additional features so that your Amish-built shed is customized to fit your needs.

All of our structures are built with care by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania. We work closely with our builders so that we can offer our customers the highest-quality products they will find in the area.

Specifications may vary. All measurements are outside and approximate. Measurements are from overhang to overhang.

*20′-28′-wide buildings are modular and come in two halves.