Pergolas & Pavilions

16’x18′ Elegant Pergola
16'x24' Timber Frame Pavilion

Bring the enhancement of a Pergola or Pavilion to your home or landscape. A beautiful Pergola or Pavilion will add grace, style, comfort, and architectural character to your outdoor living area. Pergolas and Pavilions also make the perfect partner to climbing plants, vines and hanging baskets. By adding the optional privacy wall to a pergola as shown in the ‘cozy arch’ photo below, you can block off an unsightly area, neighbors who are a bit too close, or simply add more seclusion to your pool area. Either way, this helps to make your outdoor living space a little more ‘cozy’.

Designed and built with your lifestyle in mind, our quality Pergolas & Pavilions are handcrafted with the finest materials and attention to detail. Our NEW Timber Frame Pergolas & Pavilions are built with skilled craftsmanship of bygone years from start to finish. Just take one close look at the detail of the mortise and tenon beams which give the look of centuries past, and also add to the structural soundness of our Timber Frame Pergolas & Pavilions.

Choose a custom-built wood or vinyl pergola or pavilion today and add character and class to your outdoor space!

NOTE: Pergolas and Pavilions are typically shipped in ‘kit’ form. For an additional fee, on-site installation may be available depending on your location and the size. Lead times are usually 4 to 6 weeks on Standard Pergolas and Pavilions and about 10 weeks on Timber Frame Pergolas and Pavilions. The Hemlock for these is milled upon order. If you’re a local customer, we also have hardscaping referrals to complete your outdoor ‘haven’. Please email or call for more info.


Standard Pergolas And Pavilions