Seven Unique Ideas for Your Backyard Shed

Who says that Amish sheds are just a place to store gardening equipment? A shed can be absolutely anything you want. In fact, if you let your imagination run wild, your shed could become your favorite retreat.

Think of it this way: Renovating your home or building an addition is an expensive and time-consuming project. However, you can add a shed to your property at only a fraction of the cost, and because the shed is separate from the main house, you can ensure that you’ll have plenty of privacy.

If you’re still not sure if an Amish shed is right for your yard, then consider these six unique ideas.

1. Home Office

Whether you telecommute on a regular basis or just need a quiet place where you can pay bills and take care of other necessities that keep your life and household running, a home office is a spectacular idea. You’ll be away from the house, which means that you won’t be distracted by personal phone calls, other people’s conversations or noises from televisions and video games. Your shed can be decorated and organized any way you wish. Include a spacious desk, filing cabinets and other office essentials to make your work space as efficient as possible. If you’re worried about security, you can easily install a security system.

2. Craft or Hobby Room

You know how your favorite craft or hobby tends to take up an entire room in your house or at least a good portion of a room? If your supplies weren’t in the house, then you’d have space for a guest room. Plus, having a dedicated craft shed lets you keep your supplies spread out when you’re in the midst of a project. No one likes having to put everything away when a multi-purpose room has to accommodate someone else’s project.

3. Tea or Party Room

Anyone who loves to host dinner parties or afternoon teas is going to love this idea. Decorate your Amish shed with antique furniture, lace curtains and a crystal chandelier. This makes it the perfect location for any gathering. Casual or elegant, morning or evening, your shed is the ideal space for entertaining.

4. Movie Theater

You could outfit your shed with a big screen television and some seriously comfortable seats to craft a movie theater that everyone will want to enjoy. Host Super Bowl and Oscar parties with ease in your deluxe theater room. All of your guests will feel like they have a front row seat. Plus, if anyone in your family doesn’t enjoy attending these events, they can do their own thing in the house.

5. Home Gym

Gym memberships are expensive, and the monthly fees never end. However, you could buy gym equipment, which would enable you to exercise at home. Add any equipment you wish: a treadmill, free weights, stability ball, stationary bike, a barre or a universal gym. Don’t forget to install some speakers to make the most of your gym. You’ll probably find that you work out more often when you don’t have to drive to the gym.

6. Playroom for the Kids

Little ones need a place to free their imaginations. A shed that’s been converted into a playhouse is the perfect venue. Turn it into a fairytale castle or Lego central. Your kids will love having a place that belongs entirely to them. You just might appreciate having a couple of quiet hours in the house while they are outside.

7. Music Room

Whether you play an instrument or sing, it can be valuable to have a dedicated space to practice your art. Sheds can be soundproofed so that there is no way that you will disturb your neighbors. A shed music room lets your practice whenever you like without bothering anyone else in the house.

Use these creative ideas for a shed to inspire your own imagination. When you find a unique way to use a shed, you may discover that it changes your life for the better.