Shed Moves



You can hire The Barn Raiser to move an existing Amish-built shed either on your property or from one location to another. WE DO NOT MOVE HOME-BUILT SHEDS or LOWES & HOME DEPOT SHEDSWE DO NOT MOVE SHEDS TALLER THAN 11′ HIGH. WE DO NOT MOVE SHEDS WIDER THAN 14′ WIDE. WE DO NOT SITE CHECK FOR SHED MOVES. We generally move sheds within The Hudson Valley area and we can do up to 14′ wide and 36′ long on buildings with a floor. For floorless buildings like horse barns, we can go 12′ wide to 28′ long. If the shed is Amish-built, it will meet certain width, height, and specification criteria to allow us to strap it down & safely travel the highways. Home-built sheds are not constructed for highway travel.

We will request digital photos of the building and the access to the building. We will need to know the total width at the sheds widest point (roof eave to roof eave) and total height at the sheds highest point. The shed needs to be empty and we need clear access to the shed at the time of the move. If you want any kind of animal shelter moved, like a floorless horse barn, it needs to be CLEANED of animal feces/mud on the interior and a few feet around the exterior perimeter so we can jack it up and load it without issue. Any building we move must be in reasonably good condition and sound for travel. No severely rotting floors, walls, roofs. If we pick up an old building and it falls apart…you will still owe us the move fee.

The building you need moved should be NO higher than 11′ from ground to peak because it must remain at a total height of 13′ 6″ when it is loaded ON our trailer for legal highway travel. It can be no wider than 14′ at the widest point (roof eave to roof eave). Any building OVER 12′ wide at roof will require an escort, special permit and additional fees. An Amish-built shed includes specifically spaced 4″x 4″ runners attached to the bottom of it OR a 6″x6″ base with corner brackets if it’s floorless. These features allow us to strap the building down to our specialized shed hauling trailer.


We do not accept credit cards for shed moves. The total balance must be paid at the time the shed is loaded at the first location; NO EXCEPTIONS!


Moving-a-garagePlease inquire for a quote. We will ask you these questions;


  • Can you email photos of the shed in question as well as some access photos to: ?
  • Is it Amish-built? We prefer NOT to move home-built sheds.
  • Can you provide size at WIDEST point; measure ROOF from eave to eave. If it’s over 12’ at eave, even by a hair; it will require an escort car which is more $$.
  • As far as distance; We prefer to stay within about 80 miles of our Highland, NY location and stay inside of NYS.
  • What is the overall height from ground to peak? 11′ high is the maximum height we can legally accept.
  • Can you provide full to/from addresses with names?
  • What kind of access do we have at both locations? How much lawn are we going over?
  • Permits and site prep is your responsibility. We recommend having a level and firm pad prepared and ready in the new location. We will not spend extra time leveling out the shed if you don’t have a pad. The time and extra labor to do that is notpart of the shed move quote. We will shim a corner or two with 2″ patio block, but nothing beyond that. Make sure your site is LEVEL.
  • We do NOT accept credit card payments for shed moves. Full payment is expected at first pick up location, before loading.


**If you are buying a ‘used’ shed from someone; we need written permission from the property owner to access their property & remove the building, and a blurb stating that we are not liable for any property damage**  


Important: While we are always professional and as careful as possible; The Barn Raiser cannot be held responsible for any damage to the shed or for the properties we enter, with the shed. We are coming onto your property at your request. We must rely on you to tell us if it is dry enough to perform the service and we must rely on you to make sure we have a clear path in and out. The truck, trailer, and building on the trailer makes the entire set up VERY heavy and we will cause tire ruts on soft surfaces.