Multi-Car Garages

Our pre-fabricated, modular multi-car garages are fairly priced and much less expensive than an on-site build. These buildings arrive in two pre-built sections. Some may require a direct delivery (straight from our builder to you) while others will be received on our Highland lot first and then delivered to you. Our crew assembles the structure on your prepared site which is included in the price. This process can take as little as a few hours or up to a full day depending on the size, siding choice and whether it is ordered with or without a floor. Either way, when you compare our standards & specifications with any of our competitors, you will notice a big difference in the overall quality and our finished product is always top notch. As the saying goes; ‘it’s all in the details’!

Standard features/specifications: Peak-style roof with 90″ side walls, 4-24″x36″ vertical windows with screens & shutters, 2-9’x7′ steel insulated overhead doors, 1-3’x6′ side entry door, diamond plate thresholds, 2″x4″ wall studs placed 16″ on-center, 2″x8″ rafters placed 16″ on-center anchored to a double top-plate w/ hurricane clips, 1/2″ plywood roof sheathing, quadruple 2×12 header over interior 14’8″ center opening, stud-jacked under and headers over all windows, reinforced corners, 2″x4″ pressure-treated floor joists placed 12″ on-center, 3/4″ pressure-treated exterior-grade plywood floor, 10 pressure-treated 4″x4″ foundation skids. All double-wides include a full length ridge vent. Architectural shingled roofs include felt paper and ice & water shield. Available in all sidings. High winds package available for coastal areas.

FLOORLESS garages: Typically, Amish-built garages have always included a heavy duty wooden floor, reinforced to support the weight of a vehicle. However, we also offer 2-car garages without a floor*, delivered in two sections and set on your concrete pad. The bottom perimeter of the building is upgraded to 6″x6″ PT lumber. Once the building is set on your foundation and completely assembled by us, you are responsible for anchoring and moisture-proofing.

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Important: For larger structures, especially garages, we highly recommend having a professionally prepared foundation pad. All of our structures are designed to last for many years if set on a properly prepared foundation. Our larger buildings are more substantial in weight and it is imperative that all of the pressure-treated 4×4’s installed under the subfloor be resting on a firm, level surface. With the added weight of heavy lawn and work equipment or vehicles, blocking up low spots is NOT recommended. This can make the floor of the structure feel bouncy, and could possibly cause warping over time. To protect your investment, make sure that you provide a firm, level foundation for these larger buildings. We do this for a living and we think this is very important and so should you!

*Specifications may vary. All measurements are outside and approximate. Measurements are from overhang to overhang. Prices are subject to change. 14′ wide structures require an oversized load certified escort, which is an additional fee. Customer is responsible for site preparation and permits.